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Women are creatures that pay attention to detail. This can be seen in some work, such as embroidery, only patience and careful women can do it. Therefore, if a man wants to pursue his beloved girl, he will work hard on his image management on weekdays, which can easily help you to make a good impression. What kind of hair style should not be chosen for the four hairstyles? The hair style has a shape but is most square. Women are very concerned about men’s hairstyles. Many women are very concerned about his hairstyle when they look at a man’s first sight. They understand this different read more

How to do it during the ovulation period, how to detect?

Why are there many people who have unintended pregnancies, especially young female friends? This is because many young female friends don’t know how to calculate their ovulation period. It is very dangerous to have sex during ovulation. So, we need to understand the relevant knowledge of ovulation, calculate the ovulation period, then how to do it during the ovulation period? Spotted bleeding observation method: When the follicle is discharged from the ovary, the ovarian wall will be torn, causing local bleeding. Usually, this blood is quickly absorbed in the abdominal cavity. However, there read more

What is our brain doing when we burst the chrysanthemum?

Lead: We generally think that sexual intercourse is only a movement in the lower body. In fact, other sensory organs are also involved. So, what is our brain doing during sex? After the sexual life, the “refractory period” sex life, dopamine begins to decline sharply, and prolactin is released. If dopamine is a sexual throttle, then prolactin is the brake. Prolactin can cause loss of sexual desire. The reduction of dopamine and the increase of prolactin make us enter the “refusal period”. We are not so strong in sex. We put aside sex and start to do something else, such read more

What is the brown discharge during ovulation?

What is the brown discharge in the ovulation period? Ovulation is a normal physiological phenomenon of female friends, so what happens when the normal leucorrhea suddenly appears brown discharge during ovulation? What is the cause? Is it the secretion produced by the internal organs? For such doubts, the following small series will be explained in detail for everyone. What is the brown discharge during ovulation? Under normal circumstances, the leucorrhea is colorless, transparent, and the amount of vaginal discharge. However, the leucorrhea during ovulation may be caused by bleeding during read more

What method is used to test female ovulation?

How to correctly test the ovulation period is very important and difficult for inexperienced female friends. If you want to get pregnant, you need to maintain the frequency of one-day life for two days from the first day of ovulation. If there is no special situation, it will generally be pregnant. So how do you test a woman’s ovulation period? Here are a few useful ways to teach you. Self-test body temperature: The body temperature of women who have ovulation in cold and warm will fluctuate with the ovulation cycle. After ovulation, the remaining follicular cells gradually become yellow read more

When is the normal ovulation period after females flow?

When is the normal ovulation period after the flow of people? These related problems are inextricably linked to the health of female friends, and some women will also bring great inconvenience to their lives because of these problems. So how do female friends know when the normal ovulation period after the flow of people and related precautions? Here are some introductions given by Xiaobian. How long does it take for females to start ovulation after normal flow? About 22 days after the flow of people, the ovaries resume ovulation, and menstruation is restored in about one month. Within a month read more

How to correctly determine the time of ovulation?

Can use some ovulation tools to calculate, such as ovulation test strips, body temperature test, B-ultrasound test, etc. These methods can be detected, but also very detailed, then for women who do not know how to correctly determine the ovulation period The following is a detailed operation method, ladies and gentlemen can refer to it carefully. The ovulation period calculator is a very convenient calculation tool. The ovulation period calculator is more accurate for people with regular menstruation, but because the ovulation period is easily affected by the outside world and women themselves, read more

What is the number of menstruation on the 22nd is the ovulation period?

Generally, 14 days before menstruation is the time of ovulation, but this is the reason for women with regular menstruation, because these 14 days are only an average. If it is a woman with menstrual disorders, there is no way to use this method to calculate ovulation. The time of the period, the following is the answer given by Xiaobian for the 22nd menstrual period is the ovulation period, for your reference. When is the ovulation period for pregnant women to master the ovulation period helps to increase the chance of conception. When is the ovulation period? The ovulation period can be calculated read more

Method introduction: How to test the ovulation period during body temperature?

Female friends in ovulation may have a big difference in physiological changes from normal times. After all, ovulation as the best pregnancy period for women will have some different physiological experiences, such as elevated body temperature, low back pain, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Randomly appearing on some female friends, so they will take care of these as a signal of ovulation coming to ovulation. So how do you test the ovulation period? Let Xiaobian introduce it to you. The basal body temperature of women has periodic changes. The increase of basal body temperature after ovulation read more

The best time of love and love in the middle of the day

Sex is basically at night, when the night is quiet, pull heavy curtains, turn off the bright lights, and then enjoy the moment when two people are passionately colliding. But it is not that evening is the best moment. You can make love at any time of the day, but when is the best moment? Many people have put forward their own ideas about the time of making love. Today we will take a look at what sex experts say. . 1. Early in the morning and early in the morning. 2. Midday blitz is the time to make love, which is very suitable from the physical point of view. The three hours of work in the morning read more