Zhang Han’s red sportswear is handsome and the airport is intimately interacting with the “minimum” fans.

Star network information, a few days ago, Zhang Han went to Hunan Satellite TV to record “Happy Camp” appeared at the airport. Zhang Han’s red sportswear is handsome and handsome, with a pair of sneakers to show fashion attitude. In the picture, Zhang Han met fans at the airport road and interacted with the “smallest” fans. Both hands held the children’s cheeks and cheeked. The mother of the little fan said that he liked Zhang Han, who liked for ten years. This also reminds many netizens that at the press conference of Hunan Satellite TV’s hit drama read more

“Second Awakening” is a hotcast of Chen Bairong’s charm.

In his childhood memories, Conan’s little prodigy is really invincible. No matter what problems he encounters, he can solve it. In the recent hit online drama “Second Awakening”, Chen Bairong plays the same role as Chen Shuai, and Chen Yingjie is equally charming. First of all, in terms of appearance, Conan is a second-rate character. Chen Ying-Yi, who plays Chen Bairong, is not inferior. He is born with a tearful face. The top standard of small meat is more masculine than Conan. In terms of temperament, Conan changed to a child at any time and anywhere, and lost to Chen read more

Wang Xiaofei sent a text to tell her daughter to fight for her to live well.

Star network information, in the early morning of May 27, Wang Xiaofei sent a text to confess his daughter. He said: “When a man has a daughter, he really understands what is selfless love. For the daughter, can give and give everything to himself. But if you have a daughter, your life, freedom, no Belong to myself, for her, the big things and the pain must be squatting, we must all see her smile, we must fight for her, live well.” Then some netizens commented: “In fact, I especially like to see this. The kind of warmth moments shared in the text~ Why do you always say that read more

Zhou Yangqing and the little girl have a love interaction and want to have a daughter.

Star network information, yesterday night, net red Zhou Yangqing in Weibo and a photo of a little girl, netizens see here after the call should be @罗志祥, is this a good thing is near? Zhou Yangqing in Weibo I took a group photo with the little girl and wrote: “If I want to have a baby, I would prefer to have a girl. Although she may be more dear to her father when she grows up, she can have such a lovely daughter. What else is there in this life? Sorry.” The little girl in the photo looks very cute and has a little mixed feeling. Zhou Yangqing and the little girl play with balloons read more

The super-network drama “Bing Wang” is a hot topic

“Pretender” is a spy war drama that has been rare in recent years. It not only celebrates the East and Wang Kai, but also the actress Song Wei in the drama. She is smart and elegant, whether it is a heroic uniform. It’s still a simple and ground-filled village dress, or a charming and charming lady’s dress, which can be well controlled. In the recently broadcasted super-network drama “Bing Wang”, Song Wei challenged the gentle and welcoming nurse’s clothes and received A lot of praise. It is understood that the play was adapted from Li Kun’s famous novel, which was produced read more

Bieber and Selena completely broke up and Haili made a double-symmetry symmetry?

According to foreign media reports, Bieber and Selena, after reuniting with her ex-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber seems to be a lot better, and is willing to talk to the paparazzi and fans. . On Tuesday night, June 12, Bieber and Hayley took their backs on the streets of Brooklyn. When they met fans and paparazzi, Hayley immediately got into the roadside car. Bieber was very friendly and had a photo with the fans. , answer the question of the paparazzi. Bieber and Hailey had a short shot in 2015, and they appeared in Miami together last weekend. Their behavior was unusually intimate read more

Xiao Jingteng’s finger bone cracked and insisted on the performance of the hand-shadow drama in the background to hurt the tears

According to Taiwan media reports, Xiao Jingteng was the host of the 29th Golden Melody Awards. In addition to the opening performance, he sang a number of song suites and performed a “hand-screen play” symbolizing the jungle animals. The performance made everyone refreshed. However, few people know that he actually endured the pain of the left hand bone fracture, and he just folded the bird’s tail. The only man behind the scenes was Zhang Zhenglong, who taught him, and Lu Yilun and Zeng Pinyu, the “creative team”. Xiao Jingteng’s performance hand-shadow Xiao read more


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于凤至,此生只为一个人 贾孟影。

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清早,朦胧、模糊,淡淡薄雾如纱,丝丝细雨如牛毛; 远望,一抹淡绿,这的风太过于温柔,几棵树木在丝丝冷风中没有反映,也听不到树叶的哗哗声; 太过于安静,几把小伞,在薄雾中若隐若现,扔打不破这种安静,但好似又过于安静;在某一个角落也许它演变成了孤独; 蜷曲在被子里,透着窗看着外面,温暖流不进心里,冷风吹不到身上,这是一种无言,眼神又能说明什么? 车鸣声,透过雨,穿过雾,刺痛了耳膜,接着就不会停止的车鸣,没了安静; read more