What are the reasons for the older women to marry?

As the times are changing and technology is progressing, so many people are now struggling for work, which has led many girls to be business elites. To become a business elite, there must be a lot of time spent on work, and they certainly don’t have their own The free time to talk about a love, over time, these people become older women with age, their beauty and wisdom, there are many boys admiring, lack of no one dare to chase, may be the gap in status, separated Some distances, some women have taken a lot of pressure in this regard, if they have not married before a certain age, parents read more

What do women do to make men cold?

Many women complain that their men seem to have sexual indifference, but they do not know that they are some of their own practices, which led to the emergence of their own men’s cold! Sex is a normal physiological need. If a man does not have sex for a long time, it is likely to lead to sexual indifference, but if too much sex can affect sexual function. In addition, if a woman does these things in bed, the harm to the man is not small. What women do will make men cold and the first class, women do not cooperate with premarital sex will lie in the fear of the woman, so that they will read more

The five taboos when revealing men’s confession

For men, like a girl confession is definitely better than no confession, because only half of the confession may be rejected, but not confession will be 100% no result, so most boys face their favorite girl They will choose to confess, but they find that they have failed, and they have been defeated repeatedly; then, why is this? You must have thought that this may be related to the five major taboos when men confess! 1. Don’t confess many boys when you are drunk. The mistaken thought is that after drinking a little drink, confessing to the girl, not only can make you feel a little relaxed, read more

a way to make couples emotionally

How to quickly conquer men, in fact, women also need some skills, such as kiss, then, what are the skills, in the end, how to quickly conquer men, which kiss skills can make couples instantly stimulate emotions, so that sexual desire is high. Interested friends can come and learn with Xiaobian, I hope this article can help everyone. Kissing can improve the feelings of the two people, then what issues should be paid attention to during the process of kissing, how to kiss the most appropriate? 1. Use the desire to gently kiss him, and immediately avoid it, this provocative behavior is very Can read more

A few ways to make a man fascinated

Give him a reasonable foreplay. Don’t think that only women need sex foreplay. In fact, men also need sex foreplay. Because sex foreplay is a necessary prerequisite for harmonious sex. The sexual foreplay requirements of men will increase with the maturity of men. This has also been scientifically proven. In one study, it was found that the more mature a man is, the higher the demand for sexual foreplay. The survey results show that compared with women, the optimal sexual foreplay time (18 minutes) for mature men is 5 minutes longer than that for women. Kissing him all over the body In read more

The nine bisexual doubts that couples want to know most

Regarding sex, do you have a secret of deep heart? Maybe you like a different foreplay, maybe you are worried about time too short. Don’t panic, in the sex life, some preferences and phenomena are actually normal. Recently, the British “Daily Mail” asked sexologists to list some doubts that people rarely say and give correct guidance. 1. You already have a partner, but you still have a lot of embarrassment when you masturbate. This kind of behavior does not mean that you do not have enough sex life, nor is it enough to explain your sexual disharmony. On the contrary, this shows read more

What are the restricted areas in men’s and women’s lives?

What are the restricted areas in men’s and women’s lives? The love, affection, attachment, gentleness, and sharing in the process of sexual activity can also produce a very good feeling, but improper ways or behaviors can lead to such problems. Have you been there? 1. Pain and pain. The most common is the muscle spasm of the outside of the thigh or the calf during sexual intercourse, also known as “cramping.” The cause may be related to excessive exercise and excessive muscle stretching during sex life. 2. Allergies to sexual life. Dr. Deborin Wenner, a professor of obstetrics read more

Why shouldn’t winter sex be too much?

Why shouldn’t winter sex be too much? In winter, human vitality will gradually enter a relatively low level with the temperature drop, which will have an impact on the degree of excitement, and sexual life should be converged. Excessive work stress affects sexual desire, stress and fatigue are the biggest killers of sexual desire. Winter is at the end of the year, the completion of work tasks, next year’s work plan, these may make men in the workplace exhausted, physical and mental exhaustion will make them feel strong psychological pressure, resulting anxiety and tension Emotions read more

Women most repel 5 behaviors when in love

The IQ of a woman in love is the lowest, and it is easy to be overwhelmed in the relationship. Men can’t stand the girlfriend’s waywardness and unreasonable trouble in love. So what are the most restrictive behaviors of women in love? Today we will take a look at the behavior of women who are very disgusted with men. 1. One man who walks on two boats with one foot and only two boats is the most castigated by all women. In love, this is the loyalty of the other, and the loyalty is the foundation of the continuation of the relationship. If there is no loyalty. On the one hand, the read more

4 perfect topics to chat with beautiful women

How to chat with girls? In fact, this problem is very easy to solve as long as it is understood. When we chat with women, we must be able to bring value to each other, whether you are humorous or knowledgeable. However, most people will encounter setbacks. In order to reduce the problems encountered by the students, I have outlined them. 1. Find some people who are more funny, then guess what happens next to see your neighbors, find a pair of men and women who look like a first date, and then start making fun of them. You can use the man’s dress, actions and posture as the object of teasing. read more