Three measures for chronic prostate health care

For men, chronic prostatitis will always plague their physical and mental health, then the correct way of health care will reduce the symptoms of the disease for male friends, but also promote the recovery of the body. Let us look at the “Trilogy” of chronic prostate care methods. Develop a good habit in life, be sure to maintain a regular schedule, ensure the quality of sleep, do not fatigue; in the diet, do not drink alcohol or eat some spicy food, you should also pay attention to drinking more water, diligent urination, is conducive to Excretion of prostate secretions to prevent read more

Traditional reproductive health care makes men healthier

With the accelerated pace of life, in order to save time, people prefer showers, hot water baths gradually faded people’s life, but I don’t know, hot water bath is more beneficial to male reproductive health. Coupled with the fact that today’s people are “senior people”, we should promote this traditional reproductive health care method among the public, especially among men. The “sitting bath” we are talking about here is not a hot bath in the bathtub. It is actually a treatment method commonly used in medicine. Bathing in a basin of suitable temperature read more

3 major hazards of prostate cysts

Many middle-aged and older men have a bit of a prostate problem, but not much about prostate disease. Introduce the prostate cyst today. Many men lack sufficient understanding of the prostate gland in the forefront, resulting in illness, and did not notice, missed the best treatment time, and the patient suffered a lot of torture. Therefore, male friends should always pay attention to their reproductive health in their daily life. Don’t wait until irreparable, everything is late. After a man with a prostate cyst, the symptoms are usually not particularly noticeable at an early stage, often read more

3 major gynecological diseases block sexual intercourse happiness

What kind of house is the best? Healthy and happy. The troubles of gynecological diseases have left countless women with sexual bail. So, for women, what are the gynecological diseases that block the “sex” blessing? Vaginitis vaginitis is one of the common gynecological diseases in women. And if a woman has vaginitis, men should also go to the hospital for examination and treatment. In sexual life, the sexual organs of both men and women are highly congested, and it is easy to produce small damage that is not noticeable in friction, and various pathogenic microorganisms spread through read more

Healthy housework has magical beauty effects

It is said that the woman in love is the most beautiful, in fact, the woman under the nourishment of sex is truly more beautiful. Perfect sex makes people healthier and more beautiful. And how does sex have such magical effects? Xiaobian will introduce the four reasons why sex makes people healthier and more beautiful. Beauty and skin care sex can be skin care. Some studies have found that people who have regular sexual intercourse about 3 times a week are 12 years younger than their “sexless” peers. Because of the regularity of life, the popularity is better. The skin care effect read more

Too much indulgence can easily damage your health.

Intercourse can bring happiness and joy, and can promote the relationship between husband and wife and marriage. However, sexual life also needs to be restrained. Anything that is done more often and more frequently will be greasy. Moreover, sexual intercourse is too indulgent, the consumption of the body is huge, it is likely to affect health! The following describes the symptoms of sexual over-life, I hope everyone can refer to, and regulate the frequency of sexual life. First, the deterioration of physical fitness will cause a large physical exertion for both men and women. For a long time, read more

shock! Use mobile phone for 4 hours

For men, what is the most terrible thing? Yangshuo! When you hear the word, you feel like a nightmare, or like an infectious disease, just want to hide far away. There are many factors that cause impotence, but there is one that is absolutely unexpected. That is, the phone we use every day. A new study found that prolonged use and carrying a mobile phone may cause erectile dysfunction in men, which is what we often call impotence. Xiao Bian recommended: Vigilance: What behaviors in the summer hurt the scrotum: the bra is useless below the G cup? In order to verify this statement, the scientists read more

What are the causes of ovulation bleeding in women?

Women’s health must pay more attention to maintenance, the symptoms of bleeding during ovulation, which can not be ignored, and many times, we pay more attention to the maintenance of the body. Women are not as good as men, and women are easy to fertilize every time they ovulate. Many pregnant women will think about ovulation. However, there are times when some symptoms appear during ovulation, you need to pay more attention to it, for example, ovulation bleeding, hurry to find out. What is ovulation bleeding? During the physiological period, two menstrual cycles will cause estrogen levels read more

What are the hazards of spermatorrhea?

Nocturnal emission is a manifestation of male sexual maturity, but if the spermatorrhea occurs frequently, it may bring some inconvenience to the male and even seriously affect the mental health of the patient. Therefore, we must pay more attention to preventive work. Some men will have nocturnal emission. What are the hazards of spermatorrhea? What are the hazards of spermatorrhea? Do you know? 1. Influencing mental state: It is easy to be mentally weak, emotionally unstable, memory is declining, and things are listless, seemingly indifferent to the outside world, and more insomnia. This will read more

How to properly care for male reproductive system health

What kind of man is the most attractive? Everyone has different standards for charm, but it is undeniable that health is an important condition for masculine charm! Men’s charm begins with health. Experts remind: pay attention to men’s health and prevent stress. To protect the relatively fragile reproductive system health, we need to pay attention to the following aspects: Intimate relationship requires safety: social phenomena such as young people entering the “forbidden zone” prematurely impact people’s life patterns to a certain extent. Reminder: Intimate behaviors that read more