What are the reasons for the older women to marry?

As the times are changing and technology is progressing, so many people are now struggling for work, which has led many girls to be business elites. To become a business elite, there must be a lot of time spent on work, and they certainly don’t have their own The free time to talk about a love, over time, these people become older women with age, their beauty and wisdom, there are many boys admiring, lack of no one dare to chase, may be the gap in status, separated Some distances, some women have taken a lot of pressure in this regard, if they have not married before a certain age, parents and relatives around them will put pressure on them, the following is the reason why older women can not marry. 8 reasons to count the older women to marry, 1. Women who advocate freedom are very independent, and the reason they are left is too much to love freedom. She is busy with work, fitness, watching exhibitions, listening to concerts, meeting friends, and vacationing. But she didn’t have 1 minute to belong to herself. In fact, she made her life so full, just to not leave any gaps for men, so that men can not have a place in her life. 2, waiting for the right person This is one of the reasons why most leftover women are left, has been waiting for the person who is most satisfied with her, she may be smart, capable and sober in many fields. However, in the face of feelings, she seems to be in the ivory tower, waiting for her Prince Charming, her fear hidden behind romantic and pure love. But her life is a challenge to the plain. She will wait forever! 3. I don’t want to experience another injury. Why can’t I marry a woman? She has been emotionally hurt. She is afraid of experiencing pain again. She is addicted to the pain caused by love. She can’t get out of an illusory feeling. Or, she always has a dream lover. For her hurt, she can’t dominate her life, always immersed in the feelings of the past, and refuses new love. 4, the circle of communication is narrow, the circle of friends is very small, such a woman is not good at communication, and there are only a few friends who know each other. After a long time, I will be active in my own small circle all day long. Don’t expect to expect a love, even the most basic life is not happy. 5, can not touch the other half This is a kind of resignation, they always tell themselves that they can’t touch the other half, because she is not willing to take risks, she told me before she went to the battlefield that she must lose. She refuses to face the dangers that feelings may bring. Her rejection of her feelings is her blind eye. Perhaps this kind of woman is too inferior in her life, or there are people around her who tell her that she wants to lose weight to meet the other half, so the inferiority complex spreads in her heart. 6, Platonic love, this kind of leftover women like her work, there are many friends around, in short, she knows how to manage interpersonal relationships, of course, the premise is not involved in sex. She needs Platonic love instead of sex. Nowadays, celibacy has been accepted by everyone. She simply adopts this form to escape sex. As time goes by, her fear of sex will gradually deepen. 7. The reason why she is not able to marry a woman in this type of nurse is that she thinks that she has encountered the losers of life. She believes that the other party will love her only if she has the value of using it. She is often attracted to a man with a scar and will try to smooth out his wounds. But this is a gender relationship based on pain. This is an uncertain relationship, and she left her when the man was wounded. 8. Men are afraid that women like me may be strong in their careers. They feel very confident in others, but no one can always see the heart they need to care for. Because she refused the hope and need of emotional life, she had to make herself more independent. She wants to be the leader of her life, and she believes that no one can meet her requirements. Some people may say that she looked at herself. But in fact, she has been hovering between inferiority and conceit. Men are not willing to marry the reason of the older women. I think that I am a good woman. I am proud of being a leftover woman. It is not because they can’t get married because they think they are in very good condition. High rankings, high incomes, good positions, and good looks. Therefore, their requirements for men are more demanding and even perfect. They have strict requirements in terms of appearance, size, work, income, education, quality, and conversation. Therefore, they are in this process of choice. If you don’t succeed, you won’t let yourself be left. You fall in love with them, they are a proud look, arrogant, as if you are in front of her inferior, they are in contact with them, fall in love, always feel guilty, always feel that you owe him the same. 2, the character is quite weird left female because of the love has been unsatisfactory, the vast majority of leftover women think that in the past love has been hurt, the man is worthless, in their eyes, almost all men are scum male, Only they are sacred, so, when you fall in love with the leftover woman, you are like a prisoner. She always feels that you have done something sorry for her. All actions must be reported to her. She still does not believe in you, but also investigates her. I even think that my friend is a sigh of relief, and she is cheating on her. And limit what you can do, what you can’t do, and the conditions are particularly high, how about her, how about her parents, but never consider your parents, loved ones, they say that I just look at you, not to look at it. Your parents, loved ones, they have nothing to do with me, you are able to be seen by me, it is that you have such conditions now, your parents and relatives have nothing to do with her, otherwise, I will not know where you are. No one can stand it. 3, too realistic, blind date to ask the conditions left female reality is terrible, just blind date began to ask you directly about the house, car, income, deposits, education, and some also write a few questions for you to answer, some people at home, what, What is your physical condition? Do you want to bear the burden of your parents in the future? Will you live with us… In short, don’t talk about other things, it’s not about falling in love, talking about contracts, talking about transactions, I don’t know you, I’m doing it. Well, I want to tell you which houses, cars, incomes, work, business, and even if you just met, you are required to give her income, and pay in full. 4, it is very likely that she is just a pick-up man. Now many girls have always thought that they are young and have not played enough. Therefore, there are too many girls who are not in love and not married. They think that now they are young and more chic, to It’s okay to marry an honest man. Therefore, there are a large number of women in the leftover women. They are either angry because they used to be bad, and they are angry to find an honest man. Either feel that you really should marry, and if you don’t marry, you can’t marry. Finally, you will find an honest man to marry. Xiaobian Conclusion: Like this older woman, there is a kind of wildness in their hearts. They want to do something bigger than men, they should have a dream to pursue, they are willing to give up youth. When they get higher and higher, they suddenly want to rest and talk about an object. But I found that people around me have already changed a wave. So I have to continue to pursue the high places of my career. When they had a successful career, they found that men with her grades were looking for some better objects. However, they are not willing to find people with low status, so the older women will be born. Therefore, Xiaobian also gives you a suggestion. It is good for girls to have dreams, but it is better to have a happy family.