What do women do to make men cold?

Many women complain that their men seem to have sexual indifference, but they do not know that they are some of their own practices, which led to the emergence of their own men’s cold! Sex is a normal physiological need. If a man does not have sex for a long time, it is likely to lead to sexual indifference, but if too much sex can affect sexual function. In addition, if a woman does these things in bed, the harm to the man is not small. What women do will make men cold and the first class, women do not cooperate with premarital sex will lie in the fear of the woman, so that they will show resistance in sexual life. If women often do not cooperate or refuse, it will lead to the failure of sexual intercourse, not only affect their sexual desire, but also affect the sexual function of men. In the second category, the woman ridiculed the man because of physical fatigue, irritability, physical weakness, etc., resulting in occasional penile erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, etc., the woman can not only understand this, but blame or even blame Finally, the sexual function is difficult to recover. If the woman ridicules the man’s character, interest, work, status, appearance, etc., it can hurt his self-respect and can also cause the man to lose interest in sex life. The third category, the woman’s charm declines, the differences in personality and hobbies, or the woman’s words and deeds are vulgar, ugly, not dressed well, sexual life is dull or inconsistent, often leading to the loss of marital relationship, so that the woman loses charm to the man. . Men’s libido, impotence, and ejaculation can be born. The fourth type, the woman’s diseased woman suffers from certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, vaginitis, tumors or allergies to the man’s semen. The man’s sexual life can not be arbitrary, which can inhibit sexual desire and lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, the sexual desire of the woman can make the man feel fearful and affect sexual function. The fifth category, forcibly asking for sex, there is a woman who can’t stand the man’s less and less sex life, can’t stand her husband no longer touching and holding herself to sleep, which will make the wife have reason to suspect that her husband no longer loves herself because she looks at it. In addition to the physiological needs of the couple, the more important is the expression of love.