The five taboos when revealing men’s confession

For men, like a girl confession is definitely better than no confession, because only half of the confession may be rejected, but not confession will be 100% no result, so most boys face their favorite girl They will choose to confess, but they find that they have failed, and they have been defeated repeatedly; then, why is this? You must have thought that this may be related to the five major taboos when men confess! 1. Don’t confess many boys when you are drunk. The mistaken thought is that after drinking a little drink, confessing to the girl, not only can make you feel a little relaxed, but also more romantic, in fact, this is a unilateral stupid idea for boys. Because, I believe that most people don’t know whether a person who drinks alcohol is drunk or is it true? And the drunken virtue is even more scary, and it’s too late to escape, let alone There will be a feeling of love. 2, don’t use boring lines to confess that not all people will yearn for the romantic plot in the TV series to happen to themselves, so don’t think that you can use the slap in the TV series to confess to people! First, most of these lines are unrealistic. Second, when you say it, you have the opportunity to remind the other party: You are not his idol, Kimura Takuya, nor a super beauty or a wealthy family, so why bother to say it. 3, don’t delay for a long time to confess. If you really like each other, it is best to be as early as possible when the other party feels your affection, don’t be too fond of cool or whimsical waiting for the other party to take the initiative. Because this will not only make people think that your interest in her is not high, so they are still waiting for better people to appear. It will also make the other party completely lose interest after waiting for a long time. 4. Don’t confess without any atmosphere No matter what place you choose to confess to the other party, the atmosphere at that time is the most important. A touching love song, a beautiful starlight, a thoughtful gift, and a sincere smile are the best confession atmosphere. 5, do not take a group of friends to confess not to learn Japanese girl comics, confession with a group of friends, because this will make the other party feel like a group of children are playing home wine. So, if you really value each other, please singularly try to be single-handed! In fact, in Xiaobian’s opinion, confession is still a very particular thing, can’t be rushed or dragged, it’s best to take time just right, so The chances of success will be higher; but one thing worth reminding is: For women, you only have to confess once without success, and the second time you want to succeed, so it is very important to choose the right way. Don’t take the risk of trying these things. A reliable method, otherwise happiness will be ruined.