A few ways to make a man fascinated

Give him a reasonable foreplay. Don’t think that only women need sex foreplay. In fact, men also need sex foreplay. Because sex foreplay is a necessary prerequisite for harmonious sex. The sexual foreplay requirements of men will increase with the maturity of men. This has also been scientifically proven. In one study, it was found that the more mature a man is, the higher the demand for sexual foreplay. The survey results show that compared with women, the optimal sexual foreplay time (18 minutes) for mature men is 5 minutes longer than that for women. Kissing him all over the body In the process of sexual foreplay, in addition to the female to caress his sexual organs, the man also likes the female to put his tongue into his mouth and kiss him with passion, like a woman sucking his teat to Strong, like his testicles being bitten, and the hips are gently caressed. Men also like to hear and speak gentle words, such as I love you, you are beautiful, gentle and elegant. The temptation to hold the half-face and not wear clothes is endless, but don’t take off the light once, so it doesn’t look like much. The feeling of “still holding a half-face” is the most tempting for a man. Dim the lights in your home, wear your sexiest outfits in the cymbals, and play the wonderful music that is fascinating and heart-wrenching, and launch a re-original private tuo show for your partner. . Simple games stimulate sexual desire. In fact, some simple actions can stimulate men’s sexual desires, for example, kissing each other, ticking, simulating wrestling, gently tapping, etc. In addition, men still like it. The woman has nail caressing his nipple, or let the woman on it, the chest hanging down, and licking him with a teat. However, what men like most is that they are slick, playing or walking around the house, playing sex games from time to time, often erecting, and bringing her orgasm in this situation. Shooting a passion video One of you two plays the photographer first, and the other acts as a model. The latter must be left at the mercy of the former, and then make the posture of the various sluts designated by the other party, and easily show your own sexual charm under the spotlight. You can shoot with just the camera, but it’s better to use a D8 or V8. If you take turns, it will make each other more able to catch each other. Open your camera bravely, record your love process, and secretly play an AV male or female actress! All the lustful physical movements and enjoyment of the picture can be seen, many times beautiful Memories are fully documented! When you use sex tools to make love, you can personally help him wear sex toys, which will make him enjoy both body and mind.