What are the restricted areas in men’s and women’s lives?

What are the restricted areas in men’s and women’s lives? The love, affection, attachment, gentleness, and sharing in the process of sexual activity can also produce a very good feeling, but improper ways or behaviors can lead to such problems. Have you been there? 1. Pain and pain. The most common is the muscle spasm of the outside of the thigh or the calf during sexual intercourse, also known as “cramping.” The cause may be related to excessive exercise and excessive muscle stretching during sex life. 2. Allergies to sexual life. Dr. Deborin Wenner, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at New York University School of Medicine, pointed out that after diagnosis of many cases of allergies to sexual life, most of the allergies occurred because of the cream latex and other contraceptives and drugs. Women often felt vaginal tingling. Burning. So allergies are not really allergic to sexual activity itself. Once there is an allergic reaction, use a water, wet towel or paper towel to wipe or lavage to remove residual liquid, cream and the like, then wash a warm water bath. 3. The contraceptives slipped. Almost all married people have experienced accidents in which the condom ruptures or the vaginal diaphragm slips. There is no need to be nervous about this happening. The correct way is to take oral contraceptives twice orally within 72 hours. If the condom falls off the vagina, just pinch the roots and poke it out. 4. Neck pain. The neck muscles are stiff or stretched and prone to sprains. A towel can be twisted around the neck and tied at both ends to support the head to reduce the burden on the muscles. 5. The vaginal diaphragm cannot be taken out. Rotating the vaginal diaphragm is generally as easy as wearing a lace. But sometimes the more severe sexual action pushes the vaginal diaphragm deeper, making it difficult to remove. In this regard, the health scientist recommended the practice: take the position, then hold the breath to contract the abdomen, the vaginal diaphragm will be pushed outward to the position that can be obtained, and take it out. 6. Sprained back. Sexual activity should be stopped immediately, regardless of the cause or posture causing back pain. There should be no pain in normal sexual life. Back pain in sexual life is more common in women with relatively weak back muscles. The treatment method is to immediately kneel on the side of the knee, put a pillow between the knees, and partially apply cold. 7. Trouble caused by excessive sexual life —— urinary tract infection. This is a common problem. Generally speaking, 4-5 times a week or too long a sexual life is considered to be “excessive”. Excessive sex causes bacteria to invade the urethra and even the upper bladder, leading to urinary tract infection. 8. The pelvic cavity is congested. When women are sexually excited, a large amount of blood flows into the pelvic tissue to form a state of congestion. If the orgasm is not reached, the pelvic congestion will fade slowly. At this time, you should be supine, use a pillow to raise the buttocks, 3-4 times a day for half an hour, to help the blood return, if necessary, can take anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin. If you have more questions, please click on the Feihua Sexual Health Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn/jy/