Why shouldn’t winter sex be too much?

Why shouldn’t winter sex be too much? In winter, human vitality will gradually enter a relatively low level with the temperature drop, which will have an impact on the degree of excitement, and sexual life should be converged. Excessive work stress affects sexual desire, stress and fatigue are the biggest killers of sexual desire. Winter is at the end of the year, the completion of work tasks, next year’s work plan, these may make men in the workplace exhausted, physical and mental exhaustion will make them feel strong psychological pressure, resulting anxiety and tension Emotions can be brought to the night involuntarily, affecting sexual desire. Too low a temperature will affect people’s behavior. When the temperature is low in winter, it needs to consume more energy. From the perspective of the body’s instinct protection, the activity will be relatively reduced and more calories need to be taken, so this season people become Lazy and unwilling to be active. In addition, the cold weather in winter is the onset of male glandular gland, especially the prostate. At this time, according to the severity of the disease, symptoms such as sleepiness and general weakness may also make people feel tired and afraid. Winter sex should converge. Chinese medicine believes that replenishment, qi and foot, and sacredness are the guarantees of health, especially the essence of blood. Winter is a good time to hide, and it is consistent with the nature of winter conservation. Because the yang is declining in winter, the sexual desire is relatively reduced, which is conducive to Tibetan essence without ejaculation. Excessive sexual life in winter may damage the kidneys. “Kidney injury is dry in the marrow, and low back pain can not be pitched”, which can cause diseases. “Winter does not hide fine, spring must be warm”, also pointed out that winter is not restrained sexual desire, may reduce the resistance to disease due to “kidney loss.” Nurturing is not abstinence. Many men mistakenly believe that winter “hidden and not venting” should be less ejaculation, and sexual life often deliberately “closes”. In fact, this is a wrong approach. Halfway through the semen will cause semen to flow backwards. The high pressure formed will also cause countercurrent infection of bacteria and increase the probability of prostatitis. Breaking the law of sexual life throughout the winter will cause physical and mental discomfort to both husband and wife. However, it should not be done frequently. In winter, the body needs more calories to maintain body temperature. Too much sex can lead to a large consumption of energy, and people will easily get sick. Mastering the frequency of sexual life varies from person to person. As long as both parties are happy and energetic, it is appropriate to satisfy the frequency of sexual life. TCM treatment requires four consultations and ginseng, comprehensive pulse syndrome prescription medication, kidney deficiency is mainly due to lack of kidney essence, may be yin and yang deficiency, need comprehensive conditioning, Chinese medical effect is generally affirmed. For more information, click on Feihua Health’s gender topic: http://www.fh21.com.cn/