4 perfect topics to chat with beautiful women

How to chat with girls? In fact, this problem is very easy to solve as long as it is understood. When we chat with women, we must be able to bring value to each other, whether you are humorous or knowledgeable. However, most people will encounter setbacks. In order to reduce the problems encountered by the students, I have outlined them. 1. Find some people who are more funny, then guess what happens next to see your neighbors, find a pair of men and women who look like a first date, and then start making fun of them. You can use the man’s dress, actions and posture as the object of teasing. A woman who chats with the man will feel that the other person is a frustrated man. No matter how flattering he is to say to her, he will eventually be unable to get a woman who is dating him. A chat is happening around, or something else for men and women. This is a particularly interesting chat topic, and it is also a chat topic that women like. 2, chat about a friend’s romantic love history When you talk about love and romance, you can talk about the dilemma that friends are falling into. Subsequently, I confidently presented some ways to solve the problem completely. Talk about the romantic love history of a friend of yours, saying that your friend was recently smashed by her girlfriend. The reason for breaking up is because the friend is long and not handsome. When you finish the story, you can come to a conclusion: Any man who can’t move long meat is actually gay. However, when summing up the conclusions, it must be remembered that the conclusions you draw must be funny. 4, ridicule celebrities to talk about how Sister Furong became a thin woman from the fat woman, what brain movements she did, even her decapitation in front of the public is a shameful thing and so on. For this, what you should do is look at some fashion gossip magazines so that you can get more of the best materials that can be used as a ridicule. This is a fun and funny topic. When you talk about this topic with beautiful women, you will have a lot to say, and of course there will be no jamming. If you want to talk to a woman, you must talk about topics that are of interest to women; if you are talking about topics that women particularly like, then you can use the bad boys college in the process of chatting. The skills of the sister, so that you can infinitely magnify the charm of women. 5, chat with women taboo topics I want to introduce to you is the topic of taboo chat with women, in the end what topics can not talk to women? Sexual assault, death, computers, cartoons, kidnappings, etc., can scare women into talking about women who can’t talk to women. The topic of taboos when chatting with women; of course, those topics that will make you a loser from the beginning can’t be talked about. Otherwise, you will have bad feelings, and the attraction you created before you spend your time will disappear. In addition to the topics mentioned above, when you are chatting with beautiful women, you need to avoid mentioning negative comments about yourself. For example, you are particularly desperate at this time; you have not talked about love for a long time… Please remember that the most important thing about the sister is to create a strong emotional attraction between you and the woman. If you really don’t know how to create attraction, then the best way is to do nothing. If you really understand what kind of animals a woman is, the real reason they are attracted to men. So no matter what you do, you can successfully create attractiveness for women, and of course you can attract them smoothly.